Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lucy Joy

Yesterday, our sixth grandchild was born.  I've seen and experienced it over and over again, and it never gets old.  The exhilaration is always a brand new happening.  I have stood the anticipation with five pregnancies of my own, wondering what he/she will look like, if the baby will have hair....whose ears, nose, feet, toes....

Now, Rich and I are doing the same thing with grandbabies.  I'm amazed how much we can feel for something that we didn't birth ourselves.  The love and fierce desire to protect this brilliant little squirmy, gorgeous thing is almost surprising.  Two days ago, we knew nothing about her, except that she was a girl, and her name.  Every time I have looked into one of my babies' faces for the very first time, I've seen the same expression, and experienced the same feeling that I'm now feeling with my grandbabies.  It's as if we are saying to each other, "Hey, wait a minute....I know you."