Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Daily Precious Nectar

I like Coke Zero. No, that's wrong. I LOOVVEE Coke Zero. My day just doesn't go right unless I can start out with that wonderfully carbonating twinge starting out on the tip of my tongue and bursting at the back of my throat before satisfying my belly at the end of it's journey. I live for the moment every morning when I can open my fridge and see that lovely 12-pack of coke zero sitting there. The perforated opening even smiles at me as I reach for my coveted can of glorious nectar!!!! It calls my name before I even wake up every morning!!!!

My husband knows to check if I have my supply before visiting Dick's Market, because Coke Zero must be included in our storage. OH, how I wish shelf life were a factor in Coke Zero!!!!!
I was totally out one day....posted it on FB.... my Janice-fairy dropped some on my doostep....even my friends know how I need my Zero!!!! Thank you, Janice...Never can I repay this amazing thing you did for me that day!!!!

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