Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet Little Ame Deal

A few years ago, I was considering looking into adopting a little 4 year old girl. I had heard of her plight of possible abuse, and thought that perhaps she would fit into our family as the youngest child. I wanted her. I never met her. The family she lived with allegedly treated her differently than the other children in their care, for they suspected she had been fathered by someone other than the son of the matriarch. Many children lived in this crowded home, and none of the children attended school at the time, for i t was assumed they were all "home-schooled". CPS in the state of Texas had been informed of the situation, and had visited the home, from my understanding.

I asked someone about the possibility, and found that they wanted to keep her, and that was that. I didn't ask any further, and I don't know what the guidelines are. Perhaps I wouldn't have qualified, but I certainly didn't try, did I? Not long after, I found they had moved to another state, and I have wondered what happened to the little girl...if she was ok.

I found out today.

I wish I had called her bishop 6 years ago just to inquire about possibly adopting her; maybe she would still be alive. There really were people who cared...who were wondering and thinking about her, and she never knew. I think that that is what is haunting me the most.....
Maybe, what if, I wish... I don't know. .....Ame Deal

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  1. Mom,
    I remember when you considered this, I remember thinking that maybe I was going to get a new little sister. And the thought of it was exciting. I remember when things didn't work out. But I don't think there was anything you could have done. They were unfortunately her legal guardians, and adoption was not possible for her. But now she knows that she was loved and wanted, by you. You never met her, yet I think you loved her and wanted her. And now she knows.