Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Enjoy....Just Enjoy!

A few years ago, a very wise friend of mine gave my oldest daughter some of the wisest counsel I have ever heard. She stood up at Cari's wedding breakfast and uttered only three words. "Enjoy, just enjoy." At the time, I thought...."Good grief, Carolee..with all I know about you, and how wonderful you are, can't you think of anything more to say than that?" How stupid we can be sometimes.
Yesterday we celebrated my youngest child's 20th birthday. I can't believe how swiftly time flies. We are warned by those much older than we, that our children will grow up quickly "right before our eyes".....but, still, we go along and fuss at them, and complain that they are refusing to obey, and that they are "driving us nuts!"....And....they are!

I look back now and realize that some of my most wonderful memories were also my craziest moments as well.
Yesterday, as I was preparing the birthday celebration for my daughter, Olivia, my little granddaughter could hardly contain herself. A very precocious three year old, she was doing her very best to behave around this incredibly beautiful birthday cake. I had to remind her over and over that we mustn't touch! We must wait until Auntie Livvy had a chance to blow out her candles, and only THEN could Meagan have a bite out of the lovely Tinkerbell cake. She tried very hard......she did her very best....at one point, she even described to me what she would do when she finally would have her piece of this very much desired birthday cake...."I'll lick it, then eat it, then lick it, then eat it, then lick it, then eat it!!!"

I could see the situation getting more and more desperate with little Meagan, and knew that if I did not take this amazing confection out of the box soon, it may go tumbling onto the floor from the table, as she kept pulling it closer and closer to the edge. Big mistake!!! Not even two minutes later did I notice frosting around the mouth of my little monster. She did not touch the cake with her little fingers. She obeyed me when I said, "Do not touch." So she just took a bite out of the side of it......Hmmmm. This was most definitely an unfair temptation for a little monkey like my MooBoo.

I finally knew that this could go on no longer, and I must get the candles on the cake so we could end Meagan's agony.

As I started placing the candles on the cake....Meagan felt she needed to help with that as well....I had to fight for my authority, yet again, against the Meagatron as she announced that SHE would be blowing them out!

We all did get the candles lit, and Olivia did get them blown out herself. Livvy also got her much coveted galaxy phone. Meagan did enjoy her serving of mostly frosting with a little chocolate cake and raspberry filling. My youngest turned 20. Things are different. I no longer shop for toys for my babies. I buy what I am told to buy.

After the cake and ice cream was had, Meagan was on an even higher high, and found some (can I just say, Phew!) CLEAR fingernail polish. Somehow managing it open she proceeded to paint a tiny spot of my sweater, and who knows what else. That was it....her mother said, "Ok, we're going home."

Now.....after all this, you might think I was a nervous wreck. I wasn't. It was very comical, and I ENJOYED every second. So....looking back, I understand exactly what my wisest of wise friends meant when she said, "Enjoy.....Just Enjoy."