Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dance Gene Is Now Dormant

There was a time in my life when I was able to do any dance step....really. When I was a girl, I could imitate anything I saw on tv, or wherever I was, in any show. I was even a little smug about it. I could catch onto any choreography in a matter of minutes. Those days are gone, and I am absolutely inept. I am an utter clutz. Worse than an elephant. I might as well BE an elephant.

I have been asked to help open the first show at the new theater in Centerville, with an opening number. Sounds easy. "Minimal dancing. Easy as walking." You'd think I could do "easy as walking", right? I don't know if my brain just isn't sending the signals to my feet or what the problem is....! I wish I had said no. No...NO! I felt like crying. I still feel like crying.

AND...THEN, they have mirrors all over, just to remind me I have 30 pounds to lose. Made me so depressed, I had Rich pick up some Marion Berry Pie Ice Cream at the grocery store. It was good, too.

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  1. Mom, you are your own worst critic you know. I bet money that you did great! And you are beautiful! And I love you forever and always!