Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dance Gene Is Now Dormant

There was a time in my life when I was able to do any dance step....really. When I was a girl, I could imitate anything I saw on tv, or wherever I was, in any show. I was even a little smug about it. I could catch onto any choreography in a matter of minutes. Those days are gone, and I am absolutely inept. I am an utter clutz. Worse than an elephant. I might as well BE an elephant.

I have been asked to help open the first show at the new theater in Centerville, with an opening number. Sounds easy. "Minimal dancing. Easy as walking." You'd think I could do "easy as walking", right? I don't know if my brain just isn't sending the signals to my feet or what the problem is....! I wish I had said no. No...NO! I felt like crying. I still feel like crying.

AND...THEN, they have mirrors all over, just to remind me I have 30 pounds to lose. Made me so depressed, I had Rich pick up some Marion Berry Pie Ice Cream at the grocery store. It was good, too.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mascara on the Wall

It's amazing to me how those little black spots so magically appear on the wall in my bathroom. I've been told by a certain someone before...that...."NO....I don't do that..." Hmmm....I think, perhaps, Abbey, the cat COULD be capable of such a task. After all, she (Abbey) is very smart. She is a fetcher, and she can put the stopper in the bathtub when she wants a drink. However, I don't think she wears mascara. I know that Richard, also could be guilty. But, being the man's man he is, does not wear mascara, nor does he need it with his beautiful black lashes. I also know that I, having to be the one to use Clorox wipes to wipe it up every week or so, am not the culprit.....

Don't get me wrong...I KNOW who it is....I just want to know WHY she wipes mascara on the wall?