Saturday, August 7, 2010

Unrecognizable Joys

As I spend more and more time with my grown daughters, I am reminded of those moments when I, myself, was a young mother expecting my second little one. My sweet daughter, Laura, (that very baby) is awaiting the arrival of her second daughter just about any day now, and is extremely uncomfortable. She dropped her cell phone as she got out of her car at the store, and, of course, was unable to bend down to pick it up. There are just some things that you cannot do in that state of pregnancy. Tying shoes, picking ANYTHING up off the floor, running after a young one (and the clever little monsters figure that one out rather quickly), even scratching one' s own foot is virtually impossible.

I retrieved the phone for her and relayed a little story to her that happened to me years before when I was in the the same state or pregnancy 28 years ago. Sitting in church, amongst a group of sweet elderly ladies, I dropped something of importance of the floor. As I was absolutely unable to pick it up, a sweet sister bent down and got it for me. She was very advanced in age. I don't remember her name or even what she looked like, but I'll never forget what she said to me after I apologized to her. She just pat me on the leg, and said sweetly...."My dear, this is the happiest time of your life."

How right she was.

With a beautiful little 2 yr old blonde doll , and another on the way, life was perfect!

Life is so full of unrecognizable joys....I'm learning to watch for them now. They don't come with big bangs, or even with bouts of full blown happiness. Sometimes they show up with sorrow. They're mixed in with all sorts of emotions along the journey.....What a glorious life this is!!!!