Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I really need to sit down and blog more often. No one really ever reads it, and I don't care. I'd prefer they didn't, to be honest. I don't have that much of interest to say. I adore my kids and my grandkids. I love my friends. I am crazy about being part of MoTab. I wish I was better about keeping my house up. I should really think about getting back on my diet, as I have put 5 pounds on this last week.

There was a time when my writing skills were better. I could sit and write, under pressure, in HS and come up with a theme worthy of an A in just an hour's time. However, skills require development, and this is something I did not pursue. How sad.


  1. I read your blog. I'm sure others do as well. I was going to bring cake over later, but I guess it wouldn't be such a great idea.

  2. I also read it mom. And I like to read what you write! I love you.