Thursday, July 30, 2015

Prayer Love Affair

My love affair with prayer began long ago. My mother taught me how to pray. Then, I prayed at church, at the table over my food, and of course, my bedtime prayer every night. When I was older, I learned prayer language, and used Thee and Thou and didn't mind, as I felt it showed great respect to the Father I was learning more and more to love. Children really don't have to be convinced that God exists. Somehow, I think I always just knew. It never seemed odd to me. He was always there, and I knew He was listening.

I was taught that if ever there was a great need, or if I ever felt in great danger, I could always pray. I could pray for family and friends who needed help. I could pray for someone who might be sick. I remember the urgency in my mother's voice as she pleaded for my little two week old sister to be healed as we knelt with her and how I knew that a kind and benevolent Father was hearing her words and comforting her.

When very young, I recall playing with a friend in her front yard and throwing pieces of a play set around with her. After doing this, we would go and retrieve them. For some reason, we found it great fun. One of the pieces that I had tossed out couldn't be found, and I was very distressed as I didn't want to be the cause of losing part of her game, and I also didn't want to be in trouble with her mother. I said a quick prayer in my heart to please help me find the missing piece, and as I closed my prayer, I stepped back and the heal of my foot caught it. I knew that my prayer had been answered. I was no more than 8 or 9 years old, but I knew the Lord had helped me.

A few years later, when I was older and dating a young man who was a little on the dangerous side, I remember being a little frightened by my feelings for him. I would kneel by my bedside every night and ask for the Father's help to guide me. I asked Him for help that I would be able to maintain control over any situation I might find myself in. Not two weeks later, the boy and I were no longer seeing each other and I was devastated. I didn't understand why he didn't want to see me anymore. It was years later that I realized the Lord had heard and answered my prayer. Sometimes, prayers are not answered in the way we desire, or even right away, but we will be heard.

When raising my children, I told them that every decision I ever made on their behalf was because I loved them. And then I told them that they could always trust me on that. It is the same with our Heavenly Father. He will never lead us astray. He is our Constant. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

States Family Christmas Letter

States Family
Christmas Letter

OK…..I know we don’t send this out every year, and I know that we really should take the time to stick a few stamps on some envelopes to help keep the postal service in the black, but, what can I say?  I’m just too tired after this weekend to bother, and I like spell check too much.
Before I get into this let me just say that blessings mixed with trials are real.  Your brain has to take pictures of the joyous moments and keep them in a safe place.  At the middle of the year, the sequester hit Rich and me very, very hard.  We didn’t know how we would make it, but we did, and our joyous moments have filled us and kept us warm. 
Cari and Aaron have the most fun little guys.  Ethan is playing the trombone this year and will be 12 in January (I can’t believe it).   Andrew (9) is quite the talented gymnast and in the advanced class this year.  Isaac (5) just started preschool, and keeps us guessing.  He is a very interesting kid to say the least.  Cari is back in school with a major in Anthropology and pulling straight A’s.  She is also a fabulous cook.  Aaron’s job keeps him busy, but he is a great provider and a fantastic husband and father.  Quite the feat, since his calling as Young Men’s President in their ward at Church keeps him very much in demand.

Ok…..Before the year began, we received some much awaited news. 
Patrick and Caite had made us aware that a baby girl was due to arrive sometime in June.
Lucy Joy.   
June 12th .  8lbs, 11oz.    Born with lots of YELLOW hair!  She is such a sweet little angel.  I know I’m her grandma, but ….ok, yeah, I’m her grandma, so I can say it.  And it’s true.  Patrick is a pharmacy tech at Walmart, and Caite is a Radiologic Technologist.  They have a darling home where Caite knits and sews the cutest things for Lucy and Patrick.  Patrick is starting school in Jan to earn a degree in Sound Production and Engineering. 

THEN…..YAY!!!!  Scott and Ana informed us that Elijah Scott was on the way due in October!!!!  Oct 23rd, Eli came into this world at 7.14 and gave us quite the scare.  But, he is here, and he is fine.  He lets all know when he is hungry with his powerful lungs.  I could never doubt the existence of a loving Father in Heaven as we were all praying in the delivery room waiting for his cry.  We know our prayers were answered, and how grateful we are for this precious little guy.  Ana works for Church Finance and Scott is working at DMBA, and getting his degree in Health Services Administration.
.Elijah Scott 

Sometime in May, Laura paid me a visit with her little girls, Meagan, 6 (smart as a whip and in kindergarten and ballet), and Madilynn, 3 (whom, for reasons I won’t go into, we have nicknamed, Bobcat).  She then told me she had something to show me on the computer, and I 
saw THIS:
It seems Baby Kirk is on his way on January 17th.  Now, this one REALLY took me by surprise!!!  While we were sure they were having more, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed….afterall, Lucy wasn’t even here yet!
Laura and Gerritt really are doing great.  Such cute parents.  Gerritt’s still working full time for Church security and going to school full time.  Laura is a full time Mommy and so cute with those little girls.  She loves her church calling with the special needs kids every Thursday.
Just a month after Laura’s surprising announcement my little Olivia ….YEP!  YOU GUESSED IT!!!
Robbie and Livvy are due to name their little GIRL Emalee Belle, My little Liv has been planning motherhood since she was five, so everyone is thrilled!  They bought a darling house last year, and she has been having fun with all the decorating!!  Livvy is still hard at work at DMBA, and Robbie is a draftsman at TBSE, a Structural Engineering Firm.
Ok.  Rich and I are getting older.  It happened before we knew it.  Our spirits don’t seem to feel any different, but our bodies really let us know when we have had enough.
I really enjoy singing in my choir calling, and it rewards me every day I am there.  It seems so surreal that I really do sing with such a fabulous organization, but I just chalk it up to our creator who gave me the ability to sing, and the gumption to audition.  I remember as a little girl in East Texas watching the choir in B&W wwwaaaayyyy back in the 60s dreaming that someday…… AND, I must add that without my husband’s sacrifice and support, I could never do it. 
Rich is still working at Hill AFB. AND, last May, he picked up his camera again.  Many of you know what a talented photographer he is.  Since a kid, Rich has taken some pretty great photographs.  Well, we decided to start a little business, and who knows?  Maybe something will come of it.   

Four of our kids had huge announcements, so we were wondering about our oldest kid, Cari, as 
well…..Cari has assured me that her hands are full.  J
As I have been reflecting upon this past year whilst writing this letter, and so much I do not write…..I cannot help but see and feel the Savior’s presence in my family’s lives.  I know that the Lord, Jesus Christ, lives.  I know He loves us.  I am grateful for His birth.  I am awed by His Sacrifice.  As we go about the Year 2014 making resolutions to better ourselves, let us also be resolute in our commitments to Him who never gives up on us.
Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!
Rich and Lisa States

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lucy Joy

Yesterday, our sixth grandchild was born.  I've seen and experienced it over and over again, and it never gets old.  The exhilaration is always a brand new happening.  I have stood the anticipation with five pregnancies of my own, wondering what he/she will look like, if the baby will have hair....whose ears, nose, feet, toes....

Now, Rich and I are doing the same thing with grandbabies.  I'm amazed how much we can feel for something that we didn't birth ourselves.  The love and fierce desire to protect this brilliant little squirmy, gorgeous thing is almost surprising.  Two days ago, we knew nothing about her, except that she was a girl, and her name.  Every time I have looked into one of my babies' faces for the very first time, I've seen the same expression, and experienced the same feeling that I'm now feeling with my grandbabies.  It's as if we are saying to each other, "Hey, wait a minute....I know you."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo Card

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little Feet

Mother hears Little Feet of morning
And desires slumber could last…
Just a little longer.
Little faces, staring into hers, hoping for their breakfast.
“Please”, Mother says…"I really want to sleep.”

Little faces grow and have their own Little Feet
To feed.
Lots of time for rest.
Daughter asks…. "Will I never sleep?”
Mother sighs…."I miss the Little Feet.”

Friday, August 24, 2012

If That Shower Curtain Could Talk!

I talk to myself. A lot.  Often.  

Some might say that this is a sign I am going crazy.  I disagree with this.  I talk to myself to keep from GOING crazy.  

Many times have I told off the individual who offended me or someone close to me while in the shower (ME, the shower).  I think it is quite least I didn't cause a scene or hurt feelings that didn't need to be hurt.  Everyone was spared, and I allowed myself to blow off considerable steam.  Forgiveness came much more quickly, and I was able to go about my business.  

So, maybe, I'm really not talking to myself....I don't answer back.  I am talking to the shower curtain.  It has taken on many faces.  Of course, when I get nervous old SC's tongue might be getting loose, I just throw it away.  

I am just very grateful that SC cannot talk. Or, Abbey, the cat.....Hmmm.